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Cisco Prime Unified Communications Management Suite and Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager are entering EOL – replaced by Cisco Prime Collaboration


The Cisco Prime Unified Communications Management Suite (UCMS) 9.0 and Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager (CM) 1.2 are entering End-of-Life, replaced by Cisco Prime Collaboration. The End-of-Sale date, the last date to order the product through Cisco point-of-sale mechanisms, is July 3, 2013.

The initial release of Cisco Prime Collaboration is version 9.0 and replaces Cisco Prime Unified Operations Manager (UOM), Cisco Prime Unified Service Monitor (USM), Cisco Prime Unified Provisioning Manager (UPM) and Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager.  The Unified Service Statistics Manager (USSM) historic reporting features will be included in the Cisco Prime Collaboration 9.5 release, planned for April, 2013. 

Major upgrades are available for existing UCMS customers, or UCMS customers may now purchase PASS (Prime Assured Subscription Service) in which case the upgrade to Cisco Prime Collaboration 9.0 is included. PASS has been created to provide a way for customers to pre-purchase major software upgrades for Cisco Prime products, beginning with Cisco Prime Collaboration 9.0.

In addition to the convergence Cisco Prime UCMS and Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager into one product, other significant new features available with Cisco Prime Collaboration 9.0 include:

  • Increase in scale from 60,000 to 150,000 endpoints supported
  • Updated, easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Integrated alarms with new correlation engine, reducing alarms to those that require action
  • Self-care provisioning module that enables users to change preferences, reducing IT overhead
  • Cisco Prime Assured Subscription Service (PASS) available (as mentioned above)
  • One VM for Assurance and one or two VMs for Provisioning (>10,000 endpoints)
  • SAS (Software Application Support) replaced by ESW (Essential Operate Service)
  • Software images delivered as Linux .OVA, sized for endpoint count with MAC license association

UCMS, CM and Cisco Prime Collaboration all support Cisco Unified Communications 9.1 networks and earlier, however, Cisco Prime Collaboration will be required to manage all future Cisco UC releases, such as UC 10.0.

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Where is the ordering guide. I notiched the licensing has been changed. I needed mass licenses to support end point and codec liceses to support video conferencing. Not sure what Assurance license is?

UCMS 8.7 had  many components and bundles such as UOM,USS and USSM. My understaing is that  Cisco prime collaboration license is all i need  correct?



The Cisco Prime Collaboration Order Guide is posted on under "Partner Resources" so you need to log in with your Cisco ID and password to access:

Cisco Prime Collaboration has 2 modules: Provisioning and Assurance.  The Assurance module replaces 2 of the components of UCMS: UOM and USM (and USSM will be included in Prime Collaboration 9.5) -- and also replaces Prime Collaboration Manager (for video assurance). The Provisioning module replaces the UPM component of UCMS.

Cisco Prime Collaboration 9.0 licensing is based on endpoint count and value.

The Cisco Prime Collaboration base image product number for Assurance must be ordered (R-PC-9.0-ASSW-K9= for Assurance), and then the device license product number (L-PC-AS-DEVICE  for Assurance), and then the software licensing options for mass endpoints should be selected.

You'll find the Cisco Prime Collaboration Mass Endpoint Assurance Product Numbers table in the Cisco Prime Collaboration 9.0 Order Guide.



I noticed this R-PC-9.0-ASSW-K9= sku has ZERO cost. is this correct?

Also ,  i noticed that the provisioning also require its own licenses. That means i needed both provisioing and assurance and that could be a very costly solution if we have a client require 25k licenses. Do you have any bundles?


Yes, the R-PC-9.0-ASSW-K9= SKU is the top level ordering PID for Assurance with $0 (zero dollar) cost.

There is a second top level SKU for Provisioning (R-PC-9.0-PRSW-K9=) and yes, there are separate provisioning license SKUs. 

There are no bundles available. Work with your Cisco SE for any discounts.


Hi Mustafa,

The ordering guides for UCMS and for Prime  Collaboration are on the partner resources section of each products web page. For UCMS, look at the UOM web page.

For Prime Collaboration, the R- parts are for the image and the L- parts provide the licensing to enable assurance or provisioning. If you don't have a Cisco SE to work with, send me an email at



Thanks for your reply.

I figured out the licensing and ordering guide.

My only concern is the pricing is not par with UCMS 8.7 bundle pricing.

UCMS bundle give you all the UCMS modules at discount. However prime

Collaboration require provisioning and assurance licensing. It looks like a double dip because if I need 20k licenses I needed to purchase 20k for provisioning and 20k for assurance with total of 40k licenses.


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1) Why can't all the OG be posted here? Here is where all the other BU are posting their stuff. In fact even the old UCMS OG is posted here. Let's be consistent and keep all OG in one place

2) Just reading this link makes my head hurt. It used to be simple to order before just select endpoints and you are done. Now you have to remember which category an end point falls under. As end points develop someone will have to keep updating this link instead of keeping it simple and putting all endpoints in one bucket. The customer already has paid money for the endpoint it seems like nickel diming them for every type of end point they have.

3) It mentions that for assurance you need to only count a pair as 1 device. So if a user has a desk phone, EX60 and Jabber all sharing the same extension will this be counted as 2 devices since the phone and Jabber will be clubbed as 1? This is so confusing to keep on top of

4) Will ELM ever manage all these products?



Hi Srini,

Replies inline,

Jim Whitten

Product Manager

Network Management Technology Group

Cisco @ Research Triangle Park, NC



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