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converting to 10 digit dialing

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Level 1

I am in the process of drawing up a plan to convert from 4 and 5 digit dial to 10 digit dial across the board.  As I was doing this I noticed BAT seem to be pretty flaky about changing directory numbers. I am looking for the best way to change my directory numbers on a group of phones from 4 or 5 digit to 10 digit.  I used BAT and tried a few things but using after exporting the files and then trying to add them back in I seem to lose features on the phone. Because it wants to act as if it is creating a new phone.  Is there any way to update the directory number and not lose any other config?

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Adam Thompson
Level 4
Level 4

Hi David,

When I have done this in the past, I have used Import/Export > Export then choosing 'Phone' under 'Device Data' to export all of the devices instead of going through the BAT > Phones > Export Phones > All Details menu. This will include everything about the device that is in the database.

You can then just remove all of the entries that you don't want to update, then edit the directory number field and 'Import' them back into UCM. When you do the import, either delete the phones ahead of time, or select the box for overwrite existing configuration. 

If you haven't used Import/Export before, you will have to re-tar the file before uploading it to UCM