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Debugging inbound SIP profiles

James Hawkins


I am configuring a CUBE that it sitting behind a firewall that does NAT from the private address allocated to the CUBE interface to a public address.

The firewall does not have a SIP Apllication Layer Gateway so I am having to change the addresses embedded in SIP messages using SIP profiles.

I have configured a SIP profile for outbound tmessages and this modifies the SIP messages as I want and these modifications show up in the output of debug ccsip messages.

I also need to modify messages inbound to the CUBE and have set up an inbound SIP profile to do this. However debug ccsip messages does not show the modified IP addresses in the received messages.

Is this normal behaviour? - I can see the inbound SIP profiles being used in I use the debug commands debug ccsip info and debug ccsip feature sip-profiles but I really would like to see the modified values in the debug ccsip messages output.

Is there any way that this can be achieved?


I have used SIP profiles to

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Rising star

Could you share the SIP profiles and inbound/outbound dial peers in question?  

VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor


I'm not pretty sure, but my understanding was, that what you see in the debug ccsip messages, is the state after the translation.
So, you think it looks like the original message coming in, then probably the translations didn't happen.

Have you tested your profile against the original message with the SIP profile test tool ?

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