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Unity 12.5 - Web Inbox and Call Handler



We attempted to configure a voicemail extension in Unity to be used as a disturbution mailbox for one our of teams, we setup a call handler for the voicemail extension in Unity connection. We want the group members to be able to retrieve the voice messages for the extension using the Unity Web Inbox feature but is unable to get this to work.  Can anyone provide the documentation for getting the call handler to work with the Unity Web Inbox feature or is this not a standard setup since the voicemail isn't associated to a phone? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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Call Handlers can never have their own voicemail box. If you set up a Call Handler to take a message, it must target some other object for the message itself.

If you set the Call Handler to "Take Message" and then set the target of the message to a distribution list with the folks in question, everyone will receive a copy and it should show up in each individual's Web Inbox.

If you check the box for "Dispatch Delivery" (under where you set the target of the Call Handler messages to a Distribution List) then everyone will get a copy of the message, but once one person has listened to it the message is withdrawn from the other voicemail boxes. I don't know if messages that are Dispatch Delivery will show up in Web Inbox, though. 

Does this help?


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