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Unity Connection 9.1 - System Call Handler Question

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I would like to use Unity Conncetion 9.1 to transfer calls to different extensions depending on the time of day:

For example; between 07.00 and 19.00, do not play a greeting and transfer to an extension (no mailbox), outside of the times above, again do not play a greeting and transfer to a different extension.

I have configured a CTI RP and set the extension to forward all to VM. The system call handler has an active schedule of 07.00-19.00 and has a standard transfer rule set up to transfer the calls to the relevant extension. I have also configured a closed transfer rule to transfer the call to the alternative extension after 19.00. The issue I have is that when dial the original extension I get the standard greeting. How do i get Unity to transfer the call without playing the greeting?



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On the call handler greeting, did you try setting the "Callers Hear" to "Nothing"?



HTH Regards, Yosh

What do you mean by original extension? The call handlers or the number the call handler dials?

HTH Regards, Yosh

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Level 1

Hi Phil,

You need to:

1) enable the closed greeting

2) set the standard and closed greetings to "callers hear nothing"

3) in the standard and closed greetings, after the greeting, set it to call handler, select the same call handler, and set it to attempt transfer.

4) make sure the standard and closed transfer rules are enabled, set the respective extensions to transfer to, set them to release to switch, and uncheck "Play the 'Wait While I Transfer Your Call' Prompt" for both of them.


Cisco Unity Connection Administration
Hello I am working with the current Unity connection version, I need to create an owner for a system call handler and wanted to know how to assign a user or liat of users to a specefic one. this system is LDAP and when I pull a user as owner I see their own extension.
I do not want to change it for the call handler extension. or is this what I need to do ?

As this is off topic to the OP please create your own post to ask your question instead of asking it on an eighth years old post.

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Tried to find one to post under like Unity Connection call handler and had a hard time finding it

Create your own post.


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