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Voice mail profile mask and Unity Connection with SIP integration


Hi , I have a question regard the above as I have a requirement to use the voicemail box mask on the profile with Unity connection with SIP integration.


I have done some reading and it seems to be a known issue , was wandering if anyone has a workaround for this.


CUCM/CUC 10.5(2)

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Chris Deren
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Here is the official bug dealing with it:


Thanks Chris , do you know what them mean by "Use external party mask on the extension." I assume they mean external phone number mask,.

Correct, alternatively use alternate extensions on Unity user side to recognize other extension for the user.

You can only have 9 alternate extensions in Unity which sometimes isn't enough.  The bug mentions the issue in 8.5 and 9.1 but I'm using 12.5.1 and the same problem exists there.  Hopefully it will be fixed soon.  It works fine using SCCP integration but not SIP.  

I created a Partition UCXN Calling Transformation and assigned it to a CSS called UCXN Calling Transformation. I then created calling transformation patterns of DID Range \+1281758.XXXX with predot.

Then I assigned the CSS named above to the Unity Connection SIP Trunks for Outbound Calling Transformation CSS. This way when users press Voicemail Button on phone, the calling number is changed to 4 digit that matches primary extension (Resolving VM Profile Mask issue). All other calls that are forwarded to VM use the rerouting CSS on the trunk and do not have their Calling number changed.

I don't see how this would work with our situation.  The problem is we have many cases where we have a shared voice mail box that is accessed by sometimes as many as 15-20 DNs.  Those DNs don't match the DN for the voice mail box.  


All of this came about because of the issue with CUCM 12.5.1 and Unity Connection integration using SCCP instead of SIP (DTMF not working).  I just downloaded an ES for CUCM 12.5.1 that is supposed to fix the DTMF issue with that integration so I will probably install that and switch back to SCCP integration for Unity Connection.  TAC just made it available to me.  That will fix the voice mail profile issue.

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