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We have problems with the BBDD in the CUCX cluster. It is a cluster with 2 CUCX servers, CUCX1 (main) and CUCX2.
The CUCX servers System version is

The problem is resolved with a restart of the CUCX cluster, but the problem appears again.

In CISCO UNIFIED CCX SERVICEABILITY,  In Control Center - Networks services, in DB Services, the CUCX1 the " Cisco Unified CCX Database" service status is "OUT OF SERVICE". We try to start the "Cisco Unified CCX Database" but it is not possible. In the CUCX2 this service is OK.

In CISCO UNIFIED SERVICEABILITY, In Control Center - Networks services, all the services on both servers are OK.

In the Datastore Control center, we can check that the replication servers is not OK. Attached document I send an s

With the RTMT we can connect to the servers, we try to access to the syslog viewer but we have an error. Attached document I send
the access error. We have the same problem if try to get traces of the servers.

Thanks for your helps,

David Lozano


Hi David,

Reset replication between nodes

The Replication Servers menu option in Datastore Control             Center allows you to view replication status and reset the replication between             two nodes for the above-mentioned four datastores across all servers in the             cluster.            This menu will be available only in a High Availability deployment.

Follow the procedure below to access the Replication Servers web page:


Step 1   Choose                  Tools > Datastore Control                       Center > Replication Servers from                 the Unified CCX Serviceability menu bar.
The Replication Servers web page opens displaying the list of                     servers and the following fields in a High Availability deployment.                      
Datastore                               Name Description

Host name of the server.

Node ID

Node ID of the server in the Unified CCX cluster.

The current connectivity status of the node in the                                 replication network, which can be one of the following values:                                
The server cannot be reached and is not available in                                         the replicated network.
The server is connected in the replication network                                         and sends or receives updates.
Job Status

The current state of this database.

Last Changed

The time the connection state was last changed.

Step 2   Click Reset Replication to reset the replication if the                 replication is not functional between the two nodes.

The Reset Replication button will be enabled only when the                     database on both the nodes are enabled.

When the subscriber goes down and it is required to make                     configuration updates from the publisher, you can disable Config Datastore                     (CDS) and Historical Datastore (HDS) on the subscriber using Disable CDS and                     HDS icon or button. The database information for the cluster is displayed at                     the bottom of the window. Once the subscriber is up, you can enable CDS and HDS                     on the subscriber using the same toggle button.


Any configuration in Application Administration and Historical                       data on the Subscriber node would get over written, when CDS is enabled again.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Anand,

Sorry for the delay in my answer.

The reset repliccation button is not enabled, then I can´t do it. What can I do?

Thanks for your help,


David Lozano

Hi David,

This menu will be available only in a High Availability deployment. What happens when you click on the reset replication button? What is the browser you are using? Try different browser.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Anand,

I have tried it with differents browsers and the "Reset replication" button is not enabled.

Thanks for your help.


David Lozano

Hi David,

The Reset Replication button will be enabled only when the database on both the nodes are enabled.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Anand,

But, how can I enable the database on the other server?  I have tried to start the Cisco Unified CCX Database service but continues "out of service".

Thanks for your help,


David Lozano

Hi David,

utils uccx dbreplication repair

This command is only available in the High Availability deployment of Unified CCX. This command can be executed on any node. This command repairs mismatched data between cluster nodes; it does not repair replication setup. The command initiates the repair which executes in the background. The user would have to go to data store control centre in serviceability administration to monitor the status of the repair process. For more information, see the Cisco Unified CCX Serviceability Administration Guide available here:

Command Syntax:

utils uccx dbreplication repair [database_name]|all

admin:utils uccx dbreplication repair all

Repair has been initiated in the background...

Please go to Data Control Center in Serviceability Admin to monitor the status of the repair.

Refer the below CLI guide for more information on this.

Hope this helps.


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I corrected this by disabling and enabling CDS/HDS. In my case the historical was only showing the pub and not the sub. Disable/Enable corrected this.


I have the same problem in UCCX 11.6 , I can´t perform changes of agents of team, skill, error in Cisco Mobile Skill Manager, error in Data Sync.., ghost Agent, etc... and disabling and enabling CDS/HDS works!!

Thank you for share this knowledge.





Any one find workaround / solution for this problem?

Same issue occurs on customer's IP IVR (single node, ver



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