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Unable to register 7940s, 7960s & 7925G on CUCM 14 SU1



We migrating from CUCM 11.5 SU5 to CUCM 14 SU1 and at the moment we are testing the registration of all the different phone models we do have. 

Registration worked for most of them, but we struggle with the subject ones.


I am activating the alternate TFTP and once I am configuring the new TFTP server I get the message "TFTP not in the CTL".


According to this article registration should not be a problem.

We followed those instructions as well.


Actions taken so far:

  1. Delete the CTL
  2. Reset the phones to factory defaults

Any ideas what could be wrong?

Nithin Eluvathingal
VIP Mentor

Use bulk certificate certificate management option.



If phones are not registering Even after you removed the security setting,also  check the firmware phone and see  firmware version which comes with cucm 14. If there is an intermediate version you need to upgrade the phone firmware before migrating.


if you remove the phone security setting, it should have any issue with its/Ctl.


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Just verified: the firmware version for the 7940 and 7960 phones is the latest one: P0030801SR02 and is the same version as on the v11 CUCM. These phones do not use a secure profile. One the phone debug web interface we see: 2022-03-17 14:27:35.490 Code:8103, P:0, S:12310800.

The Status web page only shows this: SEP000FF7C0316C.cnf.xml.sgn


It's worth checking that the phones are actually running that version, not just checking that they are configured to use it.  I had an install where the customer's 7960s were actually running something so old that they wouldn't take the configured load.  We had to force them through an intermediate version.


I've checked the actual version and it is the latest version: P0030801SR02.

I had a Tac case open but they close it because no support for these old phone types.

I also was not able to find the old firmware versions to try them on the new v14 CUCM.

As soon as I clear the alternate TFTP the phone registers back to the v11 CUCM...

Sounds like a security by default issue. Have you tested to clear the ITL on the devices?

If I understand your initial post correctly the phones still registers to the old CM v11 even after a factory reset. That would indicate that the option 150 that the device gets from the DHCP server is pointing to the IP of the CM v11 and not to the CM v14. If it does then the device will again pickup the ITL from the old CM and your back to where you begun.

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