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I have a server that is not responding when trying to access through GUI interface. We can ping the address and also access CLI from SSH session. I saw there was a bug found but I believe our version (3.0 (1c)) is passed the bug fix action. We did power off the server and when it came back up, were able to use the GUI interface once but it locked up and we are not able to access again. When compared to our other servers with the exact version, do not see any differences. Next I found a command to "reboot the CIMC" and was wondering if I can try this without re-setting the server because it is one of our subscribers and has many phones already registered to it. I want to avoid resetting if I can by using the "reboot CIMC" command. Any suggestions? or experience in this matter? Thanks in advance... I included the commands for reference.

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Yes. I can ping.

Use a different browser.

I just had the same problem with my cimc after re-generating my certificate and I had to ssh back into my ucs server,

scope cimc


confirm y to reboot


Give it about 5mins to come back and your find to get back in via your same browser


Before rebooting the whole Manager. Try to go

scope http

and set http server to disable, then after some time, re-enable it. This is less stressful than CICM full restart, because you know you have SSH.

I have recoveres some machines with only this. And also some machines that are not responding to anything but ICMP, I also tried to open port 80, and 22, and 21... at some point one may respond, and reopen SSH for you.


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