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Cisco UCS Rack server - standalone


Hi Folks,

This is a complete newbie question so apologies before I even start :)

I am looking for some help in ordering a standalone Cisco UCS server. The use of the server will be for building a home lab (Unified Communications). My problem is I have not got the first clue about server architecture or components and particularly the software and I do not want to order something that does not work right out of the box.

Basically for the lab I will need a box with minimum of 64Gb memory and 8 cores, and a 1Tb hard drive. In terms of virtual machines, to build the entire CCIE Collab environement I think I will need around 14 VM's in total. Now my problem with the servers is the software side. How do I order ESXi to install on the UCS? Do I need licensing or something for this? Can the entire box and software (ESXi) be ordered as one or is it treated seperately?

As you can see I really know nothing about UCS servers and the software :)



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Keny Perez

I am not an expert on collaboration but I have seen customers using these two:

I am not sure how much you are willing to invest on your home lab though.

Let me know if I can be of help with the UCS side.


In regards to licensing, you will need a license or you can run the 60 days trial period, not sure if that is enough to practice for the CCIE, pretty sure is not.