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UCS-B200 Storage Connection Error

HyunJun Lee
Level 1
Level 1

I am currently using only one FI as a single. Three chassis are connected, of which only one has four cables. Chassis No. 2 and No. 3 have two cables.

It also uses external SAN storage over a FI-SAN switch-to-storage connection.

ESXi on the server in chassis 1 shows the following log, and the storage is not connected.

230317-17:42:44.193505 ecom.ecom_main ecom(8:0):  fcpio_data_cnt_mismatch for exch 4045 status 1 rx_id 33c1 s_stat 0x3 xmit_recvd 0x1000 burst_offset 0x1000 sgl_err 0x0 last_param 0x800 last_seq_cnt 0x0  tot_bytes_exp 0x20000  h_seq_cnt 0x1 exch_type 0x0 s_id 0x11601 d_id 0x1141c host_tag 0x46 sgl_cnt 1 tot_frame_errs 0 scsi_opcode 28 age 0 wq 0

230317-17:42:44.395627 ecom.ecom_main ecom(8:1):  fcpio_data_cnt_mismatch for exch 5028 status 1 rx_id 346 s_stat 0x3 xmit_recvd 0x800 burst_offset 0x800 sgl_err 0x0 last_param 0x0 last_seq_cnt 0x0  tot_bytes_exp 0x4000  h_seq_cnt 0x0 exch_type 0x0 s_id 0x11702 d_id 0x1141c host_tag 0x29 sgl_cnt 1 tot_frame_errs 0 scsi_opcode 28 age 0 wq 0

We removed two cables from chassis 1, and since then, the log has disappeared and the storage has been working normally.

It is configured as below in the chassis search policy.

Is there any action we need to take to use 4 cables in chassis 1?


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Kirk J
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You can get those type of error messages when frames are being lost due to CRC/FCS issues.

I would check the counters on all the ports to make sure you aren't accumulating any CRC/FCS counters.


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