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UCS San Boot timeout


Hi All


We are using UCS boot-from-san using the traditional 4 WWPN search order;

Primary HBA( VHBA0) , Primary WWPN

Primary HBA( VHBA0) , Secondary WWPN

Secondary HBA( VHBA1) , Primary WWPN

Secondary HBA( VHBA1) , Secondary WWPN


All seems to work well. ( so i've been told )


The first question I have where do we change the timeout setting for the situation when a boot lun is not found.  ie if the boot process starts and Primary HBA/Primary WWPN fails to produce a viable boot device. Where can I change the timeout setting that dictates how long to try before moving onto the next WWPN in the list ?  Is this something that is configured in UCS boot policy ?


The followup question is ( this is a bit left-field ) Can you see any reason why we couldn't have WWPNs from 2 different arrays ?

Primary HBA( VHBA0) , Primary WWPN from array 1.controllerA

Primary HBA( VHBA0) , Secondary WWPN from array 2.controllerA

Secondary HBA( VHBA1) , Primary WWPN from array 1.controllerB

Secondary HBA( VHBA1) , Secondary WWPN from array 2.controllerB


So for example if array 1 was dead and the server rebooted it would timeout and boot from array 2.controller A. ( obvs providing the boot lun was presented )

also if fabric A/vHBA0 was dead it would double-timeout and boot from array 1.controllerB via vHBA1


Thanks All


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Kirk J
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You can adjust some of those settings in the BIOS policy, under boot options.

Some suggested parameters high lighted below:

bios boot options.JPG

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