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Installing ESX using ucs manager


Hello, I am new to ucs servers.


We have a chassis. The blades are running esx5.0 I want to install 5.5. No need to upgrade just install 5.5 im not saving any info.

I launch the KVM console and map the ISO. when I reboot though the server/blade just boots into the existing os esx5.0.

Is there any steps i could be missing in mounting the iso? boot order is correct.

Should I be able to boot into 5.5 or do I need to format 5.0 first?




Check your boot policy on your service policy.  Make sure CD ROM is on the top of the list.  You don't need to touch the disk to boot the ISO.  I just went through this last week from 5.0 to 5.5 with no problems booting off the CD.  Like I said, make sure your boot policy has CD rom first.  Or hit the function key for the boot menu (I think f6 or f8?) and select your CD rom. 


If if it's still not working post a screenshot of your boot order.

Thanks. It ended up being the ISO was not bootable.

Manuel Velasco
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Also make sure that you are mapping a bootable EXSi ISO.  I copied the link to the Cisco esxi 5.5 custom ISO just in case.

Thanks. I think that was the issue. The iso i was using was not bootable. I downloaded the one from the link and Im good. Thanks.

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