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Maintenance on UC520

Wayne LeFrancois

Hello all,

I am looking for some maintenance procedures for the UC500 series products. I have a client that has a UC520 and I am already taking care of it but I want to start doing periodic Maintenance or preventitive Maintenance.  If anyone has any suggestions or a checklist  please let me know or a link on where to look. thanks.                 

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seems there are a lot of people looking but no one answering, LhOL. NO worries, if anyone as something on this, please email me privately if you need to , thanks.

Have you considered the possibility that if the product is working as expected, there is no maintenance to do ?

Hi Lewis and Wayne,

I'm not really sure what you guys are looking for beyond the common sense. Pull out an air can, keep it clean, make sure that the fans are working, the usual.

In technical terms:

Periodic inspection and cleaning of the external  surface of the router is recommended to minimize the negative impact of  environmental dust or debris on the router performance. The frequency of  inspection and cleaning is dependent upon the severity of the  environmental conditions. Cleaning involves vacuuming of router air  intake and exhaust vents.

Other than that, I agree with Paolo.



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x2 with Paolo and David.  There may be simply no maintenance to do.  Not everything thing needs regualr "maintenance" - most equipment and PBX's run smoothly for years with no "touching".

What maintenance are you expecting?  Are you looking to have a PM contract for the client?


- Check for Cisco software upgrades periodically and handle these. 

- Periodic checks for MACs or removing unncessary users

- Check VMail system for abandoned voicemail boxes.  I know Best Buy did an audit of their Cisco voicemails in their retail stores several years ago and found dozens of unlistened to customer messages in stores (I think I remember full vmails with 40+ messages in their computer departments - nobody checking 'em in weeks).  Not good, and possibly something to look at.

Physicall Maintenance (general info that applies to any piece of IT equip)

- Log in the box periodically and CCA will read you temperature (this would be a good indication of dust build up or possible environmental issues)

- Send somebody out to inspect the area once a year to eyeball the install.  Issues such as cable management, equipment moves, poor airflow, environmental issues, etc cannot be done remotely and that's an idea.

These are just thoughts off the top of my head.

+5 to Brian for taking the time to detail all these good administration practices.

thanks for the responses. Brian, grateful for the detail, I was actually wondering if there was a recommended maintenance.

Paolo, this system like others, always require updates and visual inspections, as well as monitoring. your question "

Have you considered the possibility that if the product is working as expected, there is no maintenance to do ?" . While I appreciate your input and am grateful for any input, I am almost a little insulted that you would think I just want to walk into a client and chanrge them for maintenance if that was your intention. If not, no worries.  As with all my clients, I like to stay ahead of the troubles and downtime. If I can avoid a problem with a little regualr Maintenance and my client does not experience downtime and stress of losing business, regualr Maintenance is always worth it. Even the Best Equipment requires something from time to time, no matter how great it is.

Thanks again to everyone who contributes to these forums and takes the time to comment and help those who ask.


sorry, but do not take things for what they aren't. It's kind of an informal, practical discussion over here. No doubt you try your best, as most of us do in this industry.

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