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B-ACD how can agent interrupt the queue to take a call?

Hello.  I am being asked by a customer this:

"Can you confirm with Cisco about how an agent can interrupt the queue to take a call?"

On the Queue Member's phones it shows that there ARE calls in the queue, but available (agents not on a call) agents phones are not ringing.

Is there a "number press" or other way for agents to answer callers in the queue.

The B-ACD settings are for "longest-idle".

Please let me know if you need more info about the setup.

We are using a UC560.  There are 10 agents each in a Sales and Customer Service Queue.

Thank you, Paul

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Just so I'm clear. Are you saying you have agents logged in and available and there are calls que'd that are not ringing down to the available agents?

I had that issue a while back and the solution was to delete the BACD save the config then rebuild the BACD.

I'm not sure if it was specific to this particular setup but anytime I made changes to the ACD I had to delete it and recreate it all at once. No incremental changes. If I wanted to add a set to the group I deleted the whole thing and redid it in one step.


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