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Check General Delivery Mailbox via IMAP?

I have setup all my phone users's voicemail mailbox's to be checked in Outlook 2007 via the IMAP option. I am now wondering if a "General Delivery Mailbox" can be checked via IMAP in outlook?

Steven Smith
Rising star

Unfortunately, this is not available today.


As a workaround, you could enable Notifications for the GDM, so voicemails are emailed to specified recipients:


Marcos Hernandez
Technical Marketing Engineer
Cisco Systems, Inc.

that is unfortunate, seems like a logical feature. How does one know if there is a new voicemail in a GDM then? It doesn't notify on the phone itself it seems...

The SMTP email notification can't be sent to a users IMAP can they? There isn't an internal email format? like user@CME_IP or something?

Check This thread for info on how to make a GDM show up on a user's phone. Basically create a DN for the GDM, then assign a monitor button to it on user's phones. Then it will show the VM envelope when there is a message.

Gent's I have been struggling with the same issues for GDM notification, and her's how I'm fixing it.

Here is a quick example of a config I use to light a phone message waiting light when using a General Delivery Mailbox (GDM). When the MWI call comes into CME you need to alter the called number before CME sees it.

Even though the GDM is assigned to multiple users, this work around will only light the light for one phone at this time.

In my example the MWI light for extension 201 will turn on when a message is left in 200's general delivery mailbox. It will also turn the light off when deleted.  I am leveraging the MWI-On and MWI-Off ephone-dn's created by CCA on my UC520- 8 user demo kit.

conf t
voice translation-rule 200
rule 1 /A800200/ /A800201/ type any unknown
rule 2 /A801200/ /A801201/ type any unknown
voice translation-profile gdmmwi
translate called 200
dial-peer voice 200 voip
incoming called-number A80[01]...
codec g711ulaw
no vad
session protocol sipv2
dtmf-relay sip-notify
translation-profile incoming gdmmwi
description **USED TO LIGHT MWI FOR GDM ON 201**
ephone-dn  55
number A801... no-reg primary
name Message Waiting
mwi off
ephone-dn  56
number A800... no-reg primary
name Message Waiting
mwi on


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