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Assign IP Address based on PPTP user accounts

I was asked to replace an existing non-Cisco router with a Cisco 1921 router configured as a PPTP server for multiple PPTP clients to connect to.  I was able to get this working but the problem is that I'm using a single IP address pool for everyone but I need to be able to ensure that each PPTP client gets assigned the same address every time it connects.  The old non-Cisco router had an easy way to assign each user an IP addres through its web-gui but I havne't been able to figure out how to do it on the cisco router so far.   Just to clarify... as an example, every time user john_smith connects they would get and when user joe_schmoe logs in they would get, etc. instead of just getting whatever the next free address in the pool is.   It seems like I need to make multiple IP address pool with only one address in each pool and associate each username with the appropriate pool but I don't know how to do that or if it is even possible. 

I'd appreciate it if anyone could either help me understand how to do this or let me know if it isn't possible. 

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