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I have a Cisco 1841 router and an issue connecting to my Windows Terminal Server via RDP over WAN. Using the LAN IP, any computer can connect to the server via RDP, however using the WAN almost immediately returns an error. The part that makes this c...

Currently setting up DMVPN Between one hub and spoke.  We use all static routing.  I successfully created the tunnel and am able to get into our internal network from the spoke lan.  However, I am unable to get any internet access.Here's the static r...

klombard by Beginner
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Hello,I trying to establish what the difference is between Cisco Anyconnect and configuring just normal VPN on a iPhone IOS inbulit feature?I can use my iphone to connect to the vpn in the offices and receive emails.     How is Cisco Anyconnect any d...

j44mistry by Beginner
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Hello folk!I'd like to utilize a router 891 as SSL VPN Client for connection to SSL VPN Server (ASA 5540), in other words I want to create VPN between home router 891 and ASA 5540 via SSL (because home router is behind NAT and only 80 and 443 ports a...

Hello,Currently I'm using Cisco VPN client software to connect to a remote IPSec server on the workstations.I want to to configure IPSec client on Cisco 2600 router which connects to the remote IPSec server so the workstations can access VPN subnet w...

adamfayaz by Beginner
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Hi,I have scenario were the spokes are reenrolling thru the DMVPN using auto enroll to a CA server on the inside of the Hub. The CA is not facing Internet for security reasons. On the CA server we are using a manual routine for issuing certificates. ...

Hi,I have a scenario which I am pretty sure is a limitiation of the ASA/VPN but I wanted to make sure I was correct.If i have a single inet gateway/vpn concentrator (ASA) configured at a site with ironport. If i wanted to route the client's subnet th...

Hello, I have a customer that have a mail server on LAN. In the router that connect to Internet I configured a static nat:« ip nat inside source static tcp PRIVATE_IP 25 PUBLIC_IP 25 extendable »The customer receives e-mails from outside but, when th...

Need advice how to configure VPN cleint setup   right now we are using the Topolgy is like as below mentionedInternel Server (ISA) NIC IP Address Internel: Vlan 1Internet Service (ISA) NIC IP Address Externel: Vlan 30IS...

faamin011 by Beginner
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                   Hello,I configured a Cisco 881 as a vpn-client.When I configure the wan-interface with ip add dhcp , it never gets an IP-address.When I remove the crypto map from the wan-interface , the interface gets an IP-address without any pro...

Hello AllI would like to request help from the community. Let me say that I'm not really a VPN guy.I just joined this company and they already ad a VPN to one of their partners that provides them access to some resources. We have now added a 2nd loca...

songhoi01 by Beginner
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I have 2 Cisco 1941 routers with a standard IPSec tunnel between them. Data works fine, but VoIP is encountering a one way audio issue where the remote site calling cannot be heard but they can hear me.  This seems to match what I'm seeing in encaps ...

benjamin.a by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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                   Hi everyone,We have user whose remote VPN drops after every 5 mins.Need to know whats things i can check to troubleshoot the issue?User connects by RSA Token.ISP connection is ok its not issue.Any thing i can check in ASA ?ThanksMa...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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