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I want to make a l2l vpn from an ios router to an asa.  The remote end has around 70 sites that it has to communicate to in a hub and spoke design.Would the following config work on the IOS router?crypto isakmp policy 10 encr 3des authentication pre-...

I am using GNS3 to build a tunnel between an ASA and a router.Below are my configurations but the tunnel is not coming, can anyone spot what's wrong with my configs? Or could it be because of bugs on GNS3?ciscoasa# sho running-config crypto!crypto ip...

I am getting the following error on my ASA 5505 Feb 14 2013       10:17:14      305013      389                   Asymmetric NAT rules matched for forward and reverse flows;  Connection for tcp src outside: dst inside:1...

it by Beginner
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I've installed a cert from Go-Daddy and I have users that cant connect using the new cert. I've applied the cert to the vpn client. when attempting to connect I see the following in my logs:Feb 17 20:16:14 [IKEv1]: Phase 1 failure: Mismatched attribu...

Хочу настроить VPN AnyConnect через IPSec на  ASA5525-X IOS 9.1.1. Настраивал через VPN AnyConnect Wizard. Клиент  использую 3.1.02040, клиенту закинул файл  AnyConnectVPN_client_profile.xml в C:\program Files\Cisco AnyConnect  Secure Mobility Client...

I have created Remote access vpn on  ASA 5505 (ver 8.2(5) with base licence).When I connect from one machine, I can ping the internal network. But when I connect from anothe machine, cant.I have only decrypts on the ASA side, without encrypts. I was ...

borutlape by Beginner
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Hi I have ASA5505 in EasyVPN client mode with NEM, which terminates over publick network to ASA5585(EasyVPN server). On ASA5505 I have two ISP, SLA - which monitor my ISP1 and in case it fail, new default route installs to ISP2(vlan2), but VPN tunnel...

5 XP workstations and 4 W7 workstations, all connect to the clients Siemens Soarain Financial's app through a Linux unit that host a Cisco anyconnect VPN. We switch over from VPN client everything worked. All PC's can connect to the Soara...

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