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Resolved! ASA to Juniper VPN with Policy NAT

                   I am trying to configure a VPN tunnel between my client network and a remote site  I need to NAT all traffic leaving to is my current config:hostname xxxxxdo...

Resolved! VPN config fail

Hi,I have recently configure site to site VPN on over cisco 800 series router, ISP provide us public ip. The below configuration is working for internet, when I'm giving the crypto map command under the interface dialer 0, internet connection will do...

Resolved! Lan to Lan VPN on ASA - only one public address.....

Hello, I need to find a way around this issue.We have an ASA 5510 running 8.3 that we need to use to terminate a LAN to LAN IPSEC VPN.Problem is we only have one public address available so have had to configure the link between the ASA and the Inter...

robward by Beginner
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VPN Tunnel with remote source network

                   Hi Everyone,I've been working with VPN for sometime now but I got confused over this senario, can anyone help me on this?i have a firewall and a router behind the firewall is going to route all IP addresses from subnet des...

yasaman64 by Beginner
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Resolved! PPTP on a stick VPN with cisco 2600

Hello,I have a cisco 2621 router.I could succesfully setup a PPTP remote access VPN.I am using one only interface with a public IP Address and clients are assigned the same public IP addressess class.This anyway makes me waste public IP Address. I wo...

Resolved! Issue with Site-to-Site Policy Source NAT

Dear All,Iam facing issue with source base nat in Site-toSite VPN configuration.We want to access the remote site server from my end server , my server need to nat with to go outside remote site...

NAT explanination

Guys we have a LAN to LAN VPN....one of the client has follwoing IPname 160.X.X.140 ticcrypto map clientmap 5 set peer 160.X.X.140tunnel-group 160.X.X.140 type ipsec-l2ltunnel-group 160.X.X.140 ipsec-attributescrypto map clientmap 5 match address TIC...

IOS version that supports IPSec

Hi,I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I would like to know the minimum IOS version that supports IPSec VPN in a router.Plus, are there cisco firewalls that support IPSec VPN?If so, I would appreciate if you could tell me the model na...

Resolved! IPSEC VPN Between Pix 515E and 1841 Router

Hi All,BACKGROUNDWe have set up a site to site IPSEC VPN between a Pix 515E running 8.0 (4) and an 1841 using static IP addresses at both ends. We used CCP on the router and ASDM on the pix to build the initial tunnels. Now the site with the router i...

veltech by Beginner
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Backup site to site VPN

Afternoon all.We have a remote site that has an address of which connects back to a core firewall to the network through a private circut.  Both firewalls are asa 5505's and this works fine.  We wanted to put a backup...

ASA5505 to ASA5505 VPN over Intenet - HELP!!

I have 2 x ASA 5505's.I would like one to sit at my office behind an ADSL router with a static IP address, and be configured as a Server.I would like the other to connect to an ADSL router with a dynamic IP address, and be configured as a Client.This...

Resolved! SSL VPN certificate authentication

Hello,I'm changing SSL VPN from aaa authentication to both aaa and certs, Server 08 CA, 8.2 ASA 5510, ssl client 2.5.1025 and Windows 7 users. My question is what should be the template of the id cert that I receive from CA. Thanks,

DMVPN Spoke behind PAT with 3 tunnels

Hi experts,I have a DMVPN Spoke behind PAT, which has 3 Tunnels to different DMVPN Hubs (3 different Headquarter locations). 2 tunnels are not running stable, althoug the crypto isakmp sa's stay active (QM_IDLE) all the time.Router is a 1841 running ...

VPN connection dropping frequently

Hello, our VPN connection seems to be dropping frequentlyUsing AnyConnect version 2.5.0217 on a Windows 2008 R2, 64bit box, FIPS is disabled and the connection is using TLSI am also seeing the below events in the event viewer logsSource: vpnagent, Ev...

sharwal by Beginner
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