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Hi,    I got two ASA but vpn works only in one direction. Network to ok but not 2.0 to 8.0.    I ve ckeck nat0 one the asa5505 whit 8.0.5 but not easy to check in 8.6 of the ASA5525.    some have idea ?

o.fulbert by Level 1
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                   Hi Everyone,I have setup GRE Lab between Routers R1 and R3.R1 is connected to R2 using OSPF  and R2  is connected to R3 using OSPF.I config GRE tunnel interface on R1 and R3.R1 has internal subnet say 100.x.x.x.x to share with R3.R...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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Greetings,Can anyone direct me in the right path to resolve the following issues we are experiencing.  We have users using the ip communicator with checkpoint vpn and it works perfect except when dialing another vpn ip communicator user.  They only g...

janlove47 by Level 1
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Hi all,A lot of times our users will have a bad connection from where they are connecting in from. Their Internet connection will drop and the VPN Client disconnects but on our Cisco ASA5520, the connection will still be connected and when their Inte...

vpoon87 by Level 1
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Our client just upgraded (without telling us) their VPN software and all of us got pushed the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client version 3.1.01065. None of us ever had a connection issue and could connect all day long without issue. Now all of us are experi...

rcalabro1 by Level 1
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Hello folks;I'm having issue driving me crazy so far. My company is updating to AnyConnect 3.1.01065 from 2.5 version. On my new Macbook Air with Mountain Lion 10.8.2 i was always using version 2.5 of AnyConnect without any problems. when trying to u...

moe2266us by Level 1
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Resolved! webvpn error 404

hy therei have a failure on my asai have configured webvpn on the inside and outside interfaces and customized the portal.on the inside interface it works as it should but on the external interface from the internet i put in my explorer the IP of the...

I'm a bit stuck with my WebVPN weekend project.  I've configured a WebVPN on my Cisco 1841 router using the command line but for some reason when I try to access the web portal i keep getting the 404 error. I tried reconfiguring it with Cisco CP but ...

Hi,I do not have an ASA to test so I have to folks in this forum.  It would be helpful if folks have done this before or can test this to give me a definitive answer.I have Cisco ASR 1002, code XE 3.4.1 doing site-2-site VPN with an ASA managed by an...

hy thereI configured an IPsec tunnel but I have an error to connect.this is my configuration and the error i got is this 4Jan 09 201300:53:00713903Group = CON_trabajadores, IP =, Error: Unable to remove PeerTblEntry4Jan 09 201300:53:06713...

Does anyone know the maximum amount of DAP plocies that can be created on a Cisco ASA? (5520 / 8.4)I know the priority ranges are Values of 0 to 2147483647 are valid, but need to know if there is a limit in the number of DAP Polices that ccan be crea...

Hello, I have published a couple of web links on ASA 5520 via Clientless SSL and a Bookmark list.For some reason when I open some URLs (not all) in Internet Explorer it prompts to install an ActiveX control named "csvrloader32.ocx".If I open the URL ...

cwallin by Level 1
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