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NAT from VPN Client to a Site-toSite IPSec VPN

I used to have VPDN clients (Using PPTP) which I want to migrate to IPSec VPN Clients using the Cisco VPN Client.  Traffic from these users was being translated (NAT) when going out to a site-to-site VPN.  This was possibile by setting the VPDN virtu...

dvella by Beginner
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Parallel IPSec tunnels to one remote ip address

I have a 2821 with 2 dsl links and a main WAN link. I am off-loading non-prio traffic over a ipsec tunnel to our data center (via Policy Based routing) Prio traffic is routed over the MPLS network.Now I want to use the seconf dsl link aswell. But is ...

rplenter by Beginner
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Resolved! 2811 DMVPN Performance

I have a DMVPN tunnel setup between a 2811 and a 2851 router over a 54 Mbit wireless link with AES-256 encryption.  My latency is great, less then 5ms.  However my throughput over the tunnel is averaging only 4 to 6 Mbits. Is this normal for the max ...

NPT_2 by Explorer
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Remote Access VPN Problem

hi its tanvi,               i have a 2801 in my office.i want to config Remote Access Vpn in 2801 so that i can remotely access my office lan through internet(My Home). i want to config in CLI and also want to use Cisco Vpn client Software. if u have...

VPN connection between two sites

Please i want to configure site to site VPN between my company head office router and my company branch routers through a firewall wall to access sets of linus servers at the head office.please i need simple documentation or sample configuration to a...

Resolved! IPSec Tunnel up but local networks not accessable

Hi,i have a ASA5520 and a Snapgear. The IPSec tunnel is up and running fine. But i`m not able to access the local LANs on both sides. Here are some Configurations:sh crypt isakmp saActive SA: 1Rekey SA: 0 (A tunnel will report 1 Active and 1 Rekey SA...

thorstenn by Enthusiast
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Simple mGRE

I hoping some one can help me, I need to write a configure so that I can set up a tunnel between a static address router and a dynamic address router.I know I need to use mGRE and NHRP but I can seem to get it working.Don't suppose any one has a base...

Resolved! AnyConnect and Aladdin eToken authentication

Hi all!Part OneI have successfully setup Anyconnect VPN into our c2821  using MS Active Directory & Cisco Secure ACS v.4.2 Radius Server  authentication for windows clients.I have successfully setup  authentication into Windows using Aladdin eToken a...

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