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Hi all, I have 2 doubts:  1)About NAT-T: I have create an IP SEC tunnel like this (look at the diagram). http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/routers/1700-series-modular-access-routers/71462-rtr-l2l-ipsec-split.html Is an easy tunnel but there...

ciscolover by Beginner
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Hi, I have a lab environment with 2 routers connected via IPsec tunnel. I used crypto map for IPsec configuration. When I used ping command and the traffic matched with the ACL, packets above 1438 were fragmented. However, both Layer 2 MTU and IP MTU...

Whenever I connect to work network using Cisco Anyconnect VPN 4.2 on a Windows 10 laptop , I get BSOD almost all the time, the error is DRIVER CORRUPTED EXPOOL. Sometimes after an hour and sometimes immediately after I'm connected and using RDP. Eve...

Po Scott by Beginner
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Resolved! L2L VPN issues

Hi, We have a L2L vpn configured and working well on our ASA 5520 firewall. We NAT all the traffic to one public IP and we are able to access everything to the remote site via the VPN tunnle. Now, we want someone from remote site to access one Inte...

Ge Qu by Beginner
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I have two 5525X ASAs and I need to configure Anyconnect for the remote users. Also I need to configure failover in between the two units. Is there an option to configure failover with a virtual/floating IP, this way the remote users always connect t...

ergamusai by Beginner
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Hello. I would like to connect VPN using Cisco Anyconnect on Mac which is behind proxy. My situation is similar to this one (asked 5 years ago): https://supportforums.cisco.com/discussion/11615141/anyconnect-vpn-and-proxy except of i use Mac. On Win...

gavvvr111 by Beginner
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Hello I'm using server 2012 R2 with certificate authority and NDES to manage certificates for a SSL VPN. Im having some issues getting it all working. When i go to request a identity certificate i get an error saying "Enrollment interface null" But a...

Hi all, I have 1 IPSEC VPN between Router B and Router C (blue LINE). I pass traffic between network and Now I want to create another VPN between router A and B (red LINE) and I want to pass traffic between network 192.168.1...

Hi, I just setup a lan-to-lan vpn lab. The structure is simple as the picture shows. VPN is working well. PCs on each LAN can ping PCs on another LAN. I try to make PCs on both LAN visit Internet via gateway. So how can I do it? I try to use ip nat ...

Hello, I have a Cisco 1911 Router with one outside interface.  I have all ready configured site-to-site VPN tunnel (With IPSEC) between my site and a partner site. Now I am asked to configure a second VPN tunnel between my router and our HQ site. (No...

fabflorent by Beginner
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