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Command/script to upgrade AnyConnect and SBL?

We need to upgrade systems with older versions of AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client 4.3 and SBL to the latest version 4.3.04027 for both. How can I do that via a silent command line? Isn't there an uninstall command that uninstalls AnyConnect SMB and...

webabc123 by Beginner
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AnyConnect - way to allow incoming connections?

Hi all! I think I have a simple question (hopefully!) I use the AnyConnect client on my Win10 system to log in to a VPN server for secure browsing/downloading/etc. While connected to the VPN server, AnyConnect is blocking ALL inbound connections t...

iverson by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco Anyconnect VPN software 4.3.02039 crashes with ERwin

Dear Cisco,We have a mutual customer who is using Cisco Anyconnect VPN software 4.3.02039 and when they install our data modeling tool erwin http://erwin.com/ the Anyconnect no longer functions. When they go to run Anyconnect that crashes with Cisco ...

mrusso by Beginner
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Source NAT only to one Destination

Hello, a question about NAT: we've got a ASA5506 at a Partner-Site and need to NAT the address of the internal Interface ( to an address ONLY when traffic-destination is Now I've got a NAT-Rule for one Desti...

gaigl by Beginner
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Any connect 3.1.14018 won't connect while using Norton

We are using AnyConnect 3.1.14018 to connect into work, but my home PC is running Norton Internet Security  This seems to be a known problem as stated here: https://community.norton.com/en/forums/norton-227-version-does-not-work-cisco-anyc...

mmotiff by Beginner
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Cisco CSR 1000

I am looking to establish a VPN between between a cloud managed Cisco CSR 1000 and a Meraki MX router. The Meraki MX routers only have IKEv1 available for creating IPSEC tunnels. Is IKEv1 available on the CSR? The CSR is running Cisco IOS XE Software...

Is there a way to filter inactive VPN users on ASA

Hi, We have Cisco ASA 5585-X firewall and we generally create local VPN user accounts on the ASA. Since we have been creating these since long, there are more than 500 user accounts existing on the ASA. Now we need to know who all are actually usin...

Quikr_167 by Beginner
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AnyConnect slower than PPTP

Hi all,  I have clients connecting using PPTP and we have implement a VPN on the ASA to be used with AnyConnect clients. And seems like PPTP is faster than AnyConnect. I have enable DTLS, but still no improved on it. Is there a way to trouble shootin...

ASA 5506 Windows VPN - Stumped

Hello all, Can anyone give me an assist?  I have a site where I cannot get the a Windows IPSEC VPN working with the equipment onsite. I can connect and ca ping devices but I cannot browse to the interface or communicate on any ports.   I can however...

davidfield by Participant
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GetVPN key length mismatch

Hello, I have to migrate a GetVPN environment (7301 and 3825 with IOS 15.1) to new routers (ASR1K and ISR4K with IOS XE 3.16 or higher).The first ISR4331 is already running, but no encrypted packet can be transmitted correctly. Without encryption eve...

mcselltor by Beginner
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Resolved! site to site can't auto re establish

we have an issue here where when the dsl line goes down and when it comes back up, our asa couldn't re establish the tunnel. a ping of both peer wan ips are successful but not the inside ips/devices.  we usually would reboot/reload the asa and then i...

herm by Beginner
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