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Hello, I got a new 819, but I'm unable to activate GPS the way it's described in the documentation.  Router(config-if)# do sh invNAME: "C819GW-LTE-GA-EK9", DESCR: "C819GW-LTE-GA-EK9 chassis, Hw Serial#:, Hw Revision: 6.0"PID: C819GW-LTE-GA-EK9 ,...

Hello, It's my first post so sorry in advance if I miss something. My devices: 2 ASA5515 with IOS 95(2) et asdm 7.5(2) in Failover. I already use Cisco VPN Client and I want to improve my service with Anyconnect IPSec client for Windows 10 devices....

Good Morning gentlemen We have a project to be implemented regarding Anyconnect VPN clients connecting to a firewall ASA, and a requirement is checking the machine domain to permit connection. For example, if the notebook belongs to domain example.co...

I have been banging my head on this problem for a couple days now and coming up with nothing. I have followed a couple/few configuration examples (http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/security/anyconnect-secure-mobility-client/118084-configure-a...

Hello All, Please provide VPN solution where my router should connect to remote end router wan interface using any vpn solution. When I type whatismyipaddress.com then I should get remote end wan interface ip address to my computer. If anyone have...

jeen.john by Level 1
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I an using Cisco VPN Dialler to try and connect to a Cisco ASA. Some months ago it stopped working. I am being presented with the username and password dialog box. The Device is managed by our WAN provider and he advises that authenticati...

Hello, we want to migrate configuration from ASA 5540 to 5555x. but I can not find any info for it after searching internet or cisco website. Any experts can give some suggestion or send me a link ? Thank you

wfqk by Level 5
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This has to be something easy I'm missing. I have a main site with a Cisco ASA 5520 and a remote site with a Cisco ASA 5506. I already have an ezvpn site to site set up with several vlans added. I just tried to add another one and can't get pings to ...

Hi Forum,  Is anyone having issues with iOS 10 upgrade and their AnyConnect Client stopping working.  I use my VPN to connect to various sites at work from my iPhone and since the iOS 10 upgrade my AnyConnect is not working.  We usually go through a...

Hello, I actually try to have an IPSEC tunnel between a branche office (with dynamic public IP) to my headquarter (with static public IP). In my headquarter, I have a router with VRF. Phase 1 is up and phase 2 is up as well. But I don't have traffic....

w-chantre by Level 1
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