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Complete Noob. Client to gateway VPN setup on RV042G.

I've picked up a RV042G specifically for the purpose of having VPN access on a few machines when on the go. I need to access LAN assets behind the gateway. I have a static public IP that the device is setup on.

I initially just tried making users in the "VPN Client Access" and using the Cisco QuickVPN to connect. However this tool only allows access to LAN assets over the VPN if the remote private subnet is the same as the LAN subnet on the device. Even then issues can obviously arise if the same IP is used on both subnets. So I did some research and read that Shrew VPN was the appropriate client software to use. I found this tutorial to set that up which in turn had prerequisites of configuration on the actual router, as shown in this tutorial. Now I've feel like I'm in total sensory overload in trying to figure out what I need to do following these.

First question arises in setting up the remote access tunnel for client to gateway access on the router. If I want a username and password for each machine, I would be setting up a tunnel and not a group VPN? Would I need to setup a tunnel for each user? The second question comes from the "Remote Client Setup" category. I'm left scratching my head about this. I'm looking to sign in with nothing more than a username/password. So why do I have to select a domain or static IP that the remote connection will be coming from?

Any suggestions for what exactly I should be setting up in Shrew VPN? Obviously I found the overview but it doesn't really layout the setup between all the options that are discussed.

Edit: The third comment in this post seems to imply that group VPN and  "Microsoft XP/2000 VPN  Client" for "Remote Client Setup" is the answer. Still unsure of the critical settings within Shrew and how to setup separate usernames/passwords.

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