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Surrogate Issues

We were having issues with our WSA (S360) where the authentication process was not working properly. After working from a support ticket I was asked why we were using cookie based surrogate and not IP surrogates. The appliance was configured by someo...

WCCP not working fine.

Hi,I have a WSA connected directly to C6509. The scenario is Clients, single WSA and Internet access are all on different VLAN's.In 6500 I have configured:ip wccp version 2ip wccp 90In WSA is created a group WCCP 90.But WCCP seems not working fine. T...

HTTPS in transparent mode

Hi,Can someone help me to configure Ironport WSA for HTTPS in transparent mode.If i configure the HTTPS proxy, all the traffic will be intercepted like a decrypted mode and my aim is to implement tranparent HTTPS in tunneling mode .Can someone help m...

M670 S370 CLI Utility

                   We are looking to do some scripting for safelist sites and blacklisted sites on the IronPort appliances . Does the CLI allow scripting or is there a utility for scripting to the IronPorts? Thanks.

Resolved! Max RAM for an S160

  Hello all,                I've found an S160 that we're no longer using and I'm considering wiping or replacing the disks and repurposing the appliance.It seems that it can only use DDR2 ECC DRAM, right? What's the max that can be installed & recog...

Iron port with Skype issue.

Hai All,I am Facing an issue with WSA communication With Skype. Customer need to Block skype and i configured the below policy and was succeeded.Blocking Skype - Explicit environment with HTTPS Proxy disabledCreate a custom URL category to match IP a...

RTMP through IronPort WSA

Hi All,We are trying to access a few live streaming sites throuhg the WSA. The WSA is configured in Explicit Forward mode. The issue is that the access is not working and I think the streaming sites are working on RTMP. I understand that the IronPort...

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Proxy Block Page Settings

Hi All,Good Day!I have IronPort WSA S670 version 7.1.4-053 deployed in the netwrok. This is operating in explicit proxy mode.Now, web traffic for internal and external network are directed throuhg the proxy. We have configured inernal sites to be res...

Upgrade IronPort S370

Hi All,What is the latest stable version of the OS Async for Iron Port S370, need to upgrade to the appliance. The version I use is now v7.1.3-021. Is there any documentation that may assist me in this update?Best Regards,Teddy Keating Neto          ...

Resolved! 5512-X Web Security license

Hi,We are looking to purchase a 5512-X with AVC and Web Security but I was told that if we choose the Web Security feature, all traffic is tunnelled to Cisco's cloud servers for inspection.Is this correct as we wouldn't like this to happen?

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