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Resolved! Cisco WSA Regular Expressions

Hi team, How can I whitelist ZOOM in Cisco WSA? ZOOM site recommendation:Note: We recommend whitelisting zoom.us and *.zoom.us from proxy or SSL inspection.  I set up like this (. * \. |. * //) zoom.us, is it correct to add this to the white list?

Cisco WSA proxy and zoom.

Hello!I have problem with zoom and WSA (freezes and sometimes totaly unreacheble).I will make ACL for WCCP redirect and deny ZOOMs IPs but I get over 300 IPs.I make some tools for make ACL row from ZOOM IPs list on ZOOM site:https://github.com/OlegPo...

Add WSA to SMA failure

Hello,  I have a new SMA(13.8.1-052) and I am trying to add a WSA( 11.8.2-009) but the establish connection times out. This is from the GUI.  From the cli of SMA when I try to telnet to the WSA, it is successful, but a little slow.  Is there any para...


Hi,Wondering if anyone can help, we have a website which is being blocked by our WSA reason Block-AVC, how can this be resolved? the page appears to be legit.Regards,Ross

icemoom by Beginner
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Config file from WSA to CM in SMA

Hello,  I am trying to populate a CM in SMA with a config file from a WSA.I get the following error: Web Configuration File was not imported. Parse Error on element "wbrs_command_manager_categories_version" line number 29507 column 46 with value "9":...

Cisco Meeting Server customization

Hello!I have been looking for config file, where I can customize CMS homepage.Problem:On joining page, there is version release displayed. For security reasons we would like to hide it, but I haven't found any solution for that.<p class="_2I0ztg">Ver...

GertJ by Beginner
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