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Allow *.ppt but block *.pps

Hello,i will allow MS Powerpoint *.ppt files but will block *.pps files. With the Mime-Type application/powerpoint or application/vnd.ms-powerpoint all Powerpoint-Files will be blocked.How can i do this ? Is there any way to define a file-extension t...

jpuder by Beginner
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AsyncOS 5.6.2 for Web delayed

AsyncOS 5.6.2 has been temporarily removed from our download servers. Support for NTLM Mode authentication was inadvertently removed from this release. Customers who need access to the fixes in 5.6.2 can request provisioning to 5.6.2 by contacting Ir...

chhaag by Beginner
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Blocking Blogs and Forums "Manually"

Sorry about the title - couldn't think of a clever way of saying this!!We have recently replaced our outdated proxy and filtering solution with a pair of IronPort appliances and are generally pleased with them.However, one thing that has come up on a...

dingall by Beginner
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HTTPs Proxy

I have enabled HTTPS proxy in some boxes and generate a local certificate but after this some sites are not accessing, some are because of invalid certificate and some are saying "Bad request". Can i have a valid certificate so this problem can be re...

HTTPS Decryption

Hi,we have set up a two S160 WebProxies with WCCP as transparent Proxies. Port 80 and 443 is redirected correctly.I habe two Questions:1. Why is the url ironport.custhelp.com not working when opened through the S160 ? . All other https sites i tried ...

Transparent Mode using WCCP v2

Dear All,Greetings. Please correct me if I am wrong. When to use GRE and when to use L2 redirection is depends on the router/switch?What are the parameters to be configured in Transparent Redirection 'Load-Balacing Method' and 'Forwarding Method' whe...

Block web based terminal software

Hi everybody,i've got problems with blocking https tunneled ssh terminal software.Is there any possibility to block python based terminal software passing through the S series (like ajaxterm from http://antony.lesuisse.org/software/ajaxterm/)thanksha...

Proxying on P2 Interface

Hi,To acheive some level of network layer redundancy, we would like to have at least two nics that are used to proxy on our s650 (other than the management port). Therefore, it would be logical to just patch another nic into P2 (however I am aware th...

HTTPS Scanning

Hey folks - Are there any downsides to turning this feature on? Also, has anyone seen these tunneling proxy apps? For example Ultrasurf. Basically it tunnels out 443 to a random IP and directs all IE traffic out the tunnel. It completely bypasses all...

Firefox redirect popup

I've got a case open on this, but wanted to ask the community too. I've got an S360 running AsyncOS 5.6.0-623 running in transparent mode. We're requiring NTLM user authentication. We're using the HTTPS Proxy feature.In Firefox 3.x and maybe other...

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