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Hi All,I'm trying to upgrade my WSA appliance (S380) and it is telling that "Only the admin user can perform a System Upgrade".But my admin account is locked and I'm using others account with admin privilege.I tried to unlock the admin account from t...

HiIronport S170 server does not work due to problem with hard disk drives and I have other server S 170 which is working , my ask if I take a hard disk from that one is working then I install it in the faulty server , please if it possible let my kno...

osama1975 by Beginner
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Que tal Buen dia a Toda la comunidad, He estado Implementando una PoV de WSA Vx S0000 y en una de las pruebas que estoy realizando es el bloqueo del envío de correo y con el único Web _Mail con el que tuvo problema ya que no logro Realice El bloqueo ...

When client initiate the web browsing , the request will forward to WSA (P1)WSA will make web request on client behalf using WSA P2 IP address as source to destination web server.If there are 2000 clients initiate a lot TCP session (let say 50 sessio...

tckoon by Beginner
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Hi All, I have searched the web and drawn a blank. I know how to create a digest email to allow users to release their own email. I client has requested this to be in place. They have also asked for DLP to be enabled. All good. Now though, they are r...

tugless by Beginner
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Hello,Users have complained of slow Gmail acccess. After close inspection, it turns out that traffic is being redirected to an address of The address is in the WSA's configuration. It reads as follows:<prox_etc_error_page_logo_url...

DamianRC by Beginner
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