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Interested in widget development for the Webex Contact Center? Catch the latest webinar from the Webex Developer Evangelism team on "Unlocking the Power of Custom Widgets in Webex Contact Center". This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to...

kaabadi by Cisco Employee
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Building on the Webex Contact Center? Looking for a community of other developers? We have a special community just for you! https://community.cisco.com/t5/contact-center/webex-contact-center-apis-developer-community-and-support/td-p/4558270  

We are excited to inform you that the Webex Developer Beta program is officially OPEN! With the support of the Webex Beta Platform, you now have the opportunity to access the Webex Developer Platform's APIs, SDKs, and other features before anyone els...

There are a couple of questions that are regulary raised in the #webex4devs space. Let's collect them here along with the answers. Please use seperate discussions for questions to not pollute this collection. Feel free to extend the collection.   The...

dtibbe by VIP
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Hi team. I have a few issues with the embedded apps experience. I hope someone familiar with the project can help answering a few questions:1- Is there a reason why the library link is not whitelisted for all origins? https://binaries.webex.com/stati...

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M.A by Beginner
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I am trying to get access to the api. I signed up using https://api.webex.com/gapi/registerapikey, I received the email, but when I click the link it says: Your API key cannot be renewed.Reason: Invalid API key. What am I missing. Thank you.

remote20 by Beginner
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Hello,   i'm trying to use command API to create webex event but i'm blocked to :   Use a template. I try to use this argument but not recognize : <templateType>template custom</templateType>   I tried to use this site but don't know in which paragra...

Pierrick by Beginner
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Hi, We have build one webex meeting booking platform in our company for users and connect it to the webex cloud platform via the Cisco API. Here we have one question, it seems there is no any parameter can be chose to make an activation of the voice ...

Looking to find SET and POST APIs for WebEx site to change and update the site settings/configurations    Currently SET user is available but not for Site https://developer.cisco.com/docs/webex-xml-api-reference-guide/#!site-service-overview   Simila...

We are trying to authenticate our users on an Android app that is using the Cisco WebEx Android SDK. We have our WebEx system setup to use SSO with SAML and are wondering what method in the SDK do we call to authenticate. Also if there is anything we...

xuping by Beginner
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e have a common client and we’re trying to resolve an issue with how our applications are working together within the Salesforce environment.  Our Salesforce application calls WebEx API with user credentials stored within the Salesforce platform to ...