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Cisco webex meetings launches another (unwanted) app of the same name when leaving a meeting

Every time I leave a meeting, I have to quit not only the meeting app., but another app. which I have no use for, that launches automatically. Every time. Worse, it thinks so highly of itself, it gratuitously adds itself to my login items, to launch ...

dwsinger by Beginner
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Webex Meetings Joins Twice

I am on Mac OS. When I join a meeting (whether my own or another), or I start my public room, I'm joining twice. it shows me in their twice and opens two instances of the app (but audio and video are not connected). If I close one of the instances, i...

dn3628 by Beginner
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Muting while paying video

Hello, If you are the host sharing your screen to play a video, is it possible to mute yourself without muting the sound of the video?  I would like to be able to get some work done in the background while playing a video for meeting attendees, but I...

kriedber by Beginner
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Resolved! How to set up hard mute

Hi,We have version 40.10 and we want to use one of the new features "hard mute" to mute all assitants as it's explained on https://help.webex.com/en-us/n94aj5j/Mute-or-Unmute-in-Webex-Meetings-Suite#id_138304%C2%A0The problem is that we can´t find th...

Resolved! Feature Request: Use a different window title for the CiscoCollabHost.exe (collaboration window) vs. the atmgr.exe (meeting window)

 I have found that Webex Teams windows do not "remember" their positions (see issue here), so I have been using WinSize2 to help keep things where I want them on my desktop. To achieve this, WinSize2 uses the window title to identify different window...

DSorak by Beginner
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Cisco Webex Teams Issue

HiThis is Anumesh,I need a Clarification on Webex teams, If we are online They are not able to see the active status and if they are active we are not able see there active status, maybe this is due to Timezone difference. Please let me know if there...