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Configuring multiple WAP321

ivan aguilar


Does anybody know how to configure multiple WAP321 Wifi at once? Because I need to configure around 100 APs and i want to know if there is any software from Cisco to do it, like a WLC or something else.


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paolo bevilacqua
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Wrong forum, post in "Small Business - wireless". You can move your post using the Actions panel on the right.

changed, thanks!

Anyway do you know how to confgure WAP321 from a centralized software?

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Hi ivan aguilar  my name is Johnnatan and I am part of the Small business Support community.

I've never heard of any management software as you need, though it would be very useful one, for now a way to make your settings is via a TFTP server, if you have some identical devices, you can copy it configuration, you can do this following these steps.

Once you have configure your devices, you can access  them through the GUI.

I hope you find this answer useful, if it was satisfactory  for you, please mark the question as Answered.

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Johnnatan Rodriguez Miranda

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Thanks Jonathan for your replay.

Your answer only was useful for backup issues but not for my problem.

Finally I needed to configure all APs one by one, and the issue was how to configure all at once, but as i have been is not possible.



With the release of  version1.0.2.3 software you can create a cluster of up to 8 WAP321's.  The feature is called Single Point.  You create a cluster name and then configure a WAP with an IP and the cluster name, then it will join the cluster and get the configuration of the cluster.  It also does channel planning within the cluster.  Here is a paper on the feature

That doesn't get your 100 into one management entity, but you could create 13 clusters of 8 each which is better than managing them individually.


That solution i have already seen but not tested yet, i will try to configure it in the next installation.

Now i need to download that nwe release.

Thanks Jhon!

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