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1562E workgroup bridge/WGB mode

Level 1
Level 1

I am trying to test this feature using both the ME 8.10.151 and the ap3g3-k9w8-tar.153-3.JPK2.tar. I have been following the guide for Wave2 APs here:



Shortly said, I have running these commands:

Set ap IP: 

configure ap address ipv4 static ip-addr netmask gateway-ipaddr


Setup SSID profile: :

configure ssid-profile ssid-profile-name ssid radio-serv-name authentication psk preshared-key key-management { dot11r | wpa2 | dot11w { optional | required}}


Attached ssidprofile to radio interface:

configure dot11radio radio-nterface mode wgb ssid-profile profle-name


Disable and enable the interface: 

configure dot11Radio radio-int { enable | disable }


The WGB connects to the configured ssid ok. From the WGB i am able to ping devices present on the SSID vlan.


Prepared a wired client on the WGB wired interface with static IP I can ping the WGB from the wired client and ping the wired client from the WGB. But I am not able to ping from the wired client to devices on the SSID vlan. I must have missed something, but not sure what. As the 1560 did not support WGB mode in earlier versions, I am to believe there might be lacking some features. 

The command "show wgb brigde" displays the wired client in the bridge table and "show wgb ssid" show the SID as conencted. 


Any advice?






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