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A system stays connected to SSID, But no Network access


Hi All,


A system stays connected to an SSID, It can be seen on system tray as connected,but no network access ,not even able to ping its own gateway.


300+ users are connected to the same SSID and no issues reported.


If I disconnect and reconnect the SSID on the system, it works. it reoccur after sometime. it is intermittent. Does Wireless card driver upgrade fix the issue? Please help.

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Flavio Miranda

Hi @s.kanth


 Driver upgrade is always recommended. When this particular client connect to the SSID and do not ping the gateway does it has an IP address? It gets all the information on the DHCP process?




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Yes, it has an IP address with subnet mask and gateway, it gets IP from DHCP.



Try to upgrade the driver. Would great with you could use some sniffer and see what happen between AP and client. 



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Hi S.Kanth,

So, basically if you can make sure that when you try to ping the default gateway from the client , the client does have a valid IP address , there may be following issues:

>> The client drivers

>> Client side firewall

>> Client going to sleep

However , I guess that all the other clients in the office also have the same drivers, same firewall setup and same power management settings configured via Group policies. If not , then checking the points mentioned above may help. The next step would be an in-depth investigation with wireshark captures.




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