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shijomon scaria

Aironet 2702 in Autonomous mode

Dear All,


I have got an AIR-CAP2702I-E-K9. Is it possible to make it work in autonomous mode. As per the data sheet it will work both in controller based and stand alone. But how ?? Need to change the image ?? Now it has a combined image.

Thanks in advance.


Saurav Lodh
Rising star

That's not working for this new concept (of a single unified image). There must be a command or so to toggle between autonomous and lightweight...

available commands in enable mode:

Exec commands:
  access-profile   Apply user-profile to interface
  capwap           capwap exec commands
  cd               Change current directory
  clear            Reset functions
  clock            Manage the system clock
  crypto           Encryption related commands.
  debug            Debugging functions (see also 'undebug')
  delete           Delete a file
  dir              List files on a filesystem
  disable          Turn off privileged commands
  do-exec          Mode-independent "do-exec" prefix support
  enable           Turn on privileged commands
  exit             Exit from the EXEC
  fsck             Fsck a filesystem
  help             Description of the interactive help system
  led              LED functions
  lock             Lock the terminal
  logging          Handles logging operations
  login            Log in as a particular user
  logout           Exit from the EXEC
  lwapp            lwapp exec commands
  mkdir            Create new directory
  monitor          Monitoring different system events
  more             Display the contents of a file
  name-connection  Name an existing network connection
  no               Disable debugging functions
  partition        Partition disk
  ping             Send echo messages
  pwd              Display current working directory
  release          Release a resource
  reload           Halt and perform a cold restart
  rename           Rename a file
  renew            Renew a resource
  rmdir            Remove existing directory
  rsh              Execute a remote command
  save             Start to save raise_interrupt_level stack
  send             Send a message to other tty lines
  set              Set system parameter (not config)
  show             Show running system information
  ssh              Open a secure shell client connection
  systat           Display information about terminal lines
  terminal         Set terminal line parameters
  test             Test subsystems, memory, and interfaces
  traceroute       Trace route to destination
  undebug          Disable debugging functions (see also 'debug')
  upgrade          Upgrade commands
  verify           Verify a file
  where            List active connections



Thanks for the reply. I was also in the same assumption but couldn't find any useful command for the same.







David Ritter

Unfortunately Autonomous mode and Controller modes are still separate images.


ap3g2-k9w8-tar.152-4.JB5.tar for Autonomous (SAP) mode

ap3g2-rcvk9w8-tar.152-4.JB5.tar for Controller (CAP) mode

Salodh points you to the document that explains the process.


​So much for making site surveys easy..

Be aware that the autonomous IOS for the 2700 has limited functionality.  


Because the 2700 is new, the autonomous IOS is for wireless site-survey only.  It's not meant to service clients as of yet.  

Is there any documentation about this?

This is no longer the case with more modern IOS images.   Autonomous mode is pretty well featured now.

That did no do the trick. Both are lightweight. I tried them both without succes.

The story of a unified image is not true i think. If it  was true you should expect at least some line of text in the release note about this major change.

But i find out that the images Cisco provide for the 2700 series have the same checksum as the lightweigth images for the 3700 series. Only they will give you a choice between lightweigth and autonomous for the 3700 series which i can't find for the 2700 series.

The fact that they share the same lightweigth images makes me think that the autonomous image is probably the same for both. Only Cisco forget to make a choice option in the download section.

I'll try the 3700 autonomous on my brandnew useless (have no WLC) 2700 AP.


It is working. so far so good, no problems. i'll try tomorrow if everything is working well.

It looks like Cisco makes a mistake here by not providing a proper image for the first customers of the 2702... Well they did but not on the correct place...



Thank you, waiting for your updates and for the detailed procedure.



(from lightweight recovery image)

-The debug capwap methode did not work due to the forced dhcp  option.




debug capwap console cli

conf t

Manual boot


reload (confirm)

did the trick. send ap3g2-k9w7-tar.152-4.JB5.tar using your favorite tftp server software. fix the manual boot flag and done.


The only problems i have so far are:

-The homepage of the http interface displays: "Cisco Aironet 3600 Series Access Point". Remarkable because it is a 3700 series image. but they probably share the same image to.

-The summary page shows some wrong values: Radio1-802.11AC MAC address is "is" in stead of the 12 digits. The transmission rate shows "9.3Mb/s" Not what i was expecting.

-I can't change any settiings in the Radio1-802.11n 5GHz settings page. The webpage did not collect all the settings and on apply the form refuse to send back.


I don't know if this are well know errors for the 3700 (and 3600) series. I hope Cisco will solve this and make an autonomous image section for the 2700 series.

an you supply a little better detail on how you got the image uploaded?  I boot the AP in manual boot and get to the



But from here, if I try to send xmodem from Secure CRT it just times out.

I'm not sure how to get the IOS image on this AP.

Please advise.


Give your computer the (subnet ip address. make sure it is on the same network as the access point.

start i.e. tftp_32 and point it to the directory which contains the image file.

on the console type:





tar –xtract  tftp:// flash:

take a nice cup of coffee and wait....

step 1

step 2


step 4

step 5
tar -xtract tftp://IP_TFTP_SERVER/ap3g2-k9w7-tar.153-3.JC.TAR flash:

step 6
set BOOT flash:/ap3g2-k9w7-mx.153-3.JC/ap3g2-k9w7-mx.153-3.JC

step 7

shijomon scaria



Thanks for the replies.

Quite disappointed in fact. I was about to buy a number of 2702 devices and to upgrade my my WLC code to 7.6.XXX from 7.0

Guys how is your experience with 2702 with a WLC code version 7.6.XXX ??



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