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Cisco Catalyst Wireless App (iPhone App Store) compatible with 2800/3800/4800APs?


I recently tried managing a 3802i AP through the Cisco Catalyst Wireless App. It is running in Mobility Express mode and is running as a controller for the network.

I am getting a "Unable to reach the server. Please check your connectivity" error when trying to log in (iPhone iOS app).

The access point was already set up and configured through the web browser before trying to manage it through the app. I am able to reach and manage the AP through the web browser normally.

I would imagine that the older (non-catalyst, non-wifi6) APs with integrated controllers are not compatible with the app but I could not find any information about this anywhere.


Would highly appreciate any feedback on this issue.

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Thank you marce1000 for your reply.


However aren’t the Aironet 2800/3800/4800 EWC access points?
They can be used as a controller for the network through Mobility Express. The controller interface looks very similar to the Catalyst 9000 APs


 - The term EWC refers too , the 9xxx generation ap's and or the app only supports platforms running XE-based software.


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