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Cisco Prime 3.3.0 - Inventory AP count not fully syncing


Hi folks,


I have an issue with CPI v3.3.0 at the moment where although it is performing a sync with my WLCs the total AP counts are a few hundred off and so I have a bunch of APs which are displayed as being 'Not Associated' with any WLC. This in turn affects uptime and client history counts in an in-house tool I have (polls the values from CPI via API) as there's no data because it's 'Not Associated' at that time. 


I can jump on the WLC and see the APs myself, I have given CPI a week to run multiple overnight syncs just in case it was just a one off or some other funky bug. If I run a manual sync from the GUI it will say it's syncing for 5 minutes then just come back marked as 'Completed' and nothing has changed.


I'm running 8510 and 8540 WLCs (SSO HA) and none of them have had a switchover event recently which has been the cause of some sync issues in the past.


Has anybody experienced this before or know if there's something glaringly obvious I'm missing? I don't want to just blow away all the AP records for fear of the sync really not working and then having even more problems with my AP record accuracy.

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VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni
Probably a bug of PI 3.3. Check if your hardware is compatible with PI 3.5 and upgrade to the latest patch release. Make 100% sure that you have a working backup before!
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