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Cisco WLC wired ports Qos Teams



I am looking for some expert help for applying QoS across our Cisco network. 


Port use teams - Voice port 50000:50019 (mark DSCP 46), video ports 50020:50039 (mark DSCP 34), and sharing ports 50040:50059 (mark DSCP 24).

Teams marks ports for the teams service on 365 

Group policy marks dscp based port assignment for teams on the client for video/audio/file screen sharing - verified in wireshark dscp marking.


After much research I have implemented a QoS profile on our 5508 WLC 

skype voice-and-video Mark 34 Bidirectional
ms-lync-audio business-and-productivity-tools Mark 46 Bidirectional
ms-lync business-and-productivity-tools Mark 34 Bidirectional
ms-lync-video business-and-productivity-tools Mark 34 Bidirectional
statistical-conf-audio other Mark 46 Bidirectional
ms-office-365 other Mark 34 Bidirectional
ms-services other Mark 34 Bidirectional
internet-audio-streaming other Mark 46 Bidirectional


i have now looked at how to implement QoS on the 2960s switches and have finalised a QoS to implement on the switches. Creating L2 access list for the different teams port ranges and assigning them to a class map.

mac access-list EXTENDED Teams-Audio

20 permit tcp any any range 50000 50019
30 permit udp any any range 50000 50019

mac access-list EXTENDED Teams-Video

20 permit tcp any any range 50020 50039
30 permit udp any any range 50020 50039

mac access-list EXTENDED Teams-Sharing
20 permit tcp any any range 50040 50059
30 permit udp any any range 50040 50059

class-map match-all TEAMS

Match access-group name Teams-Audio

class-map match-all Audio

match ip dscp 46

class-map match-all Video

match ip dscp 34

class-map match-all Sharing

match ip dscp 24

class-map match-all BEST-EFFORT

match ip dscp default



class TEAMS

trust dscp


class Audio

set dscp 46


class Video

set dscp 34


class Sharing

set dscp 24



set dscp default


This is applied to the ports as needed.


I am also looking at whether CDP applies QoS from the WLC profile on the attached switch but it is unclear.

Q is the QoS config correct for the switch and are the WLC profiles complete? 


Many Thanks!




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Hi again,

Still lost in the land of QoS but getting there. 

So another user has mentioned putting auto qos trust dscp on the uplinks to the core and on the core and on the ports on the access switches attached to the Cisco WAPs. 

I have the WLC controller connected to 8 ports in a port-group and as the WLC is in local mode I cannot auto qos the port-channels connected to the WLC. 

I have seen other take out the ports apply the auto qos trust dscp to each port and then reconstruct the port channel group. Is this correct?

Any advice greatly received!





Never tested that, but I think you can ignore those ports for QoS. The flags should be carried over and then be processed. I have never seen the interfaces between WLC and uplink so much loaded that QoS could have played any role. 

Hi Darren,


Typically trust DSCP (end to end) is the way to go. What QoS marking is trusted on ports connect to WLC at the moment (DSCP or COS)? If you see original IP packets QoS marking get lost in transit, then find out which hop that is occurring and fix it.





Team WiFi Client <-----> AP <----> Access Swtich <-------> Distribution Switch <---- Rest of network------> Access Switch <----Team Wired End Point


I believe you are running AireOS 8.x codes, prior to that there were some recommendations to trust COS on WLC connected trunk ports which is no longer recommended. This video may help you understand those differences




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