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3802 AP showing oper stat as down , even though Admin Status is Enabled and Radio is Up


Hi, I'm running into an issue where 2 of my APs seemed to have gone into FRA. I had enabled FRA just to change the DCA interval. Now I have turned FRA back off. However 2 of my APs seem to have got stuck in that FRA mode. I dont see their 2.4GHz radios under Wireless >> Access Points>> Radios >> 802.11b/g/n 


As I mentioned in the subject line, the Operational Status is also showing as down which is strange behavior. I'm running 8.5.140


Is there a way to force these APs to get rid of any FRA configs that might have got pushed to them , inadvertently?

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There are several ways, but did you check if they now run both interfaces at 5 GHz?

For FRA:

Rich R
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This has been discussed a number of times on these forums before! 

Turning off FRA does *not* revert any AP which have had FRA activated.  You must do that manually.

For example:


Assume you're on AireOS: Use "config advanced fra revert all auto"

It's mentioned in the link @patoberli provided and

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