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Cisco Mobility Express (disconect of clients )

Hi,  I have - 4 x Cisco APs 1852i, which are set in Mobility Express mode with version VID: - This APs are connected to the SG-300 SW ISSUE Random clients (it doesn´t matter if android, apple), gotting limited connection (no access to th...

Jaro by Beginner
  • 9 replies
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AIR CAP 3602I-E-K9 configur

Hello, Im having problems configuring my access point AIR CAP 3602I-E-K9.I connected the AP with a POE (one connection 'TO AP' and other one 'TO SWITCH') to a switch which is connected to the main internet.I can see the AP's IP address in terminal, b...

tony99982 by Beginner
  • 27 replies
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Resolved! WLC 5520 SSO Failover behavior

Hello everyone, I can’t find a definitive answer regarding the behavior of SSO and I'm looking for some help here. What happens to the Primary controller when a failover happens and it returns? Is it put into Standby-Hot mode until manual interventio...

WVD by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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Resolved! WLC 3504 Red. port

Hello , I have 2 WLC 3504 and need to connect the Redundancy ports -> I checked the deployment guide and found that they should connect back to back or via L2 switch , the question can I use L3 switch instead of L2 switch ? thanks

ayakoleb by Beginner
  • 5 replies
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Resolved! AP ip address changed after joining

Hi I setup AP with static ip address( After AP is connected to network and joined wlc, I notice the ip address changed to Why that happened? Thank you

wfqk by Contributor
  • 2 replies
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WLC 5520 "This page can’t be displayed"

I am receiving an increasing number of "This page can’t be displayed" messages when trying to access my system..While the ping latency is <1ms I still suspect packet loss and timeouts..The issue is observed with all browsers..  (win7p) but strangely ...

Prime 3.6 MR Release Date

I'm looking to upgrade our Prime 3.4 running on a Gen 2 appliance next week.  I normally like to upgrade when an MR is also out.  Does anyone know if 3.6 will have an MR soon or early impressions on its stability compared to 3.5?  We manage wired and...

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