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Looking for the recommended version of controller code for 3 customers who need to upgrade there wireless environments. they all want to do MSE and WiPS. All are now presently utilizing 7.4.xx code. Thank you

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Level 1

7.6.130 is a good code.  We use it on most of our controllers, but also run 8.0 on a couple with no issues.  If they are using Wireless VoIP, I would not go higher than 7.6.130 unless you can verify with the vendor that the phones will still work.  We postponed any further upgrades because of that issue.



Hi Leonard,

Could you share with us with kind of trouble you ran into with which phones? And is this due one of the many bugs on the 8.0 code or is it an client issue? Thanks.

In our environment, I have been running 7.6.130.x for 5508s since release and it has been stable.  I would look carefully at the bug fix list of which is more recent than 7.6.130 at this time  I was not confident that 8.0 was ready given the known caveats list on the release notes but needed 3702 support and will move to the next 8.0 MR release when it posts. Check the compatibility matrix for recommended Prime to MSE to WLC interoperability but the next MR 8.0 release would be my suggestion if you can hold off a couple weeks.  Regards

I've four pairs of WiSM2 running and have no issues with Cisco 7921G/7925G, but then again, we shouldn't be seeing any issues with these phones since we've blanketed about >30 sites with more than enough wireless coverage that the all site's cordless DECT phones were rendered useless!  

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You can contact TAC team with service contract to publish the stable version

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Level 4

i think you better start with 7.6.130 code ,because its test by most experts in enterprise environment.


If you can hold off a few weeks, the next MR release for 8.0 will be out.  I do not believe there will be another MR release for 7.6 but as was just mentioned, 7.6.130 been been very stable for us.  Regards

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