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Error connecting to AP using Windows XP

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Level 1

Have anyone seen this error? "Authentication Started with *No Name Specified*"

I'm using the latest ACU, Aironet 350 PCM client adapter, 350 AP, Windows XP SP1.

win2k connects just fine.

Thanks for any help!

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I have the same setup and it works great. What kind of authenication are you using?

I'm using PEAP. I figured it out: the XP "balloon bubble was disable on the image that we had. I enable it and got the logon prompt for authentication. Thanks

How did you enable the ballon bubble in XP...

My problem is when the balloon pops up, when I click on it, instead of the logon box I get the "view available wireless lans" box.

I have better success "right-clicking" but not always.

Sometimes the logon box appears but very rarely, is this an XP bug. Also, what a dumb place to put this feature

Dave from Winnipeg, MB Canada

I agree. Here's the link, but I did the reverse to enable it.

Damien Dinh

KU Med

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