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QOS for Jabber on WLAN

Tarun Kumar

HI Team,

We have a foreign/anchor setup with three WLANs

Corpnet- For internal users

Devicenet- For BYOD

Guestnet- For Guest users

What we want to achieve is to change the profile settings so that all DeviceNet/GuestNet traffic to de-prioritised in (AF11) but with Jabber voice traffic to be in (EF) and Signaling in (CS3).

We have followed the below link

We also configured AVC and Paltinum profile on the anchor controller but we didn't find any marking on the voice traffic from Jabber installed on my Android Phone.

Please help.

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Rasika Nayanajith
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VIP Mentor
 but we didn't find any marking on the voice traffic from Jabber installed on my Android Phone.

You need to verify those end devices application classify traffic correctly.

Refer this post and get an idea what I am referring to. Then test with your device/os versions to ensure voice traffic is properly classified in wireless frames.

With AireOS 8.0 onward, there are way to trust DSCP of original packets (instead of rely on wireless frames UP value), See below to understand those differences.



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Hi Rasika,

Thanks for the reply.

I have checked the BYOD with QOS article on mrncview but to overcome this problem we have AVC.

My main concern is in Foreign/Anchor setup where should I apply the QOS profile and AVC settings, on Foreign WLC or on Anchor WLC?

Please refer the following link:

Hi Yashas,

You didn't understand my question.

Guest anchor is already setup and is working fine.

I want to know where I need to implement QOS policies and AVC profile. On foreign controller or on anchor controller.

AVC in a foreign/anchor setup, should be done on the anchor.


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Hi Scott,

where I apply the QOS for voice traffic on Guest WLAN, on Foreign Controller or on Anchor Controller or on Both?

You should perform this on the foreign but it doesn't hurt to do this on both. Why are you anchoring voice?


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We have a WLAN (Devicenet) for BYOD devices on which we are using Cisco Jabber. We want to prioritize the Jabber traffic only to EF and CS3 but other traffic stays on CS0.


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