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I'm wondering if anybody else has run into this. I'm trying to add a 25 AP .lic file to an existing 5508 and it won't go.  The only upload option is tftp, and every time I try to upload the file the WLC and the tftp servers hosting the .lic file tim...

Here goes...my first post on any sort of forum heres my situation,iv manage to get a cisco air-cap2602i-E-K9 AP and i was wondering if it was possible to connect it up to my home network to iprove my signal throughout my home? i have connect it thro...

Hey all, I cannot get Windows 10 machines to authenticate against our ACS.  I get the message: "Unexpectedly received empty TLS message; treating as a rejection by the client" Wifi settings on our computers are set to NOT use a server certificate.  A...

ahcadmin1 by Beginner
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Can anyone please explain about siso,mimo, mu-mimo, beamforming and multiplexing..?( in simple words) Yes..! there are so many documents and videos but still not understanding properly. Thanks Ravikiran S

I need help on getting the specific OID to list the WLAN SSID configured in our Cisco WLC 4400. All I can see from the SNMP Object Navigator Tool is the AP Group to which this AP has been associated with ( I am currentl...

jerhone by Beginner
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Hi, Is their a solution were you can connect a LAN wireless to a hotspot of a provider. De PC's are connected to a LAN (wired or wireless) passing a firewall .The users needs to authenticate via de login webpage of the provider.Is this possible with...

pbogaerts by Beginner
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We have "AIR-CAP3702I-E-K9" some access point giving red indicator led. When the same AP is connected to switch directly it gives green indication. Customer update us cabling is tested and passed, but the AP connected to the wall shows red indication...

Hello, I have a few 1142 APs (not the LAP) and have some phones that are having issues roaming. They seem to wait until there is basically no signal before switching APs. Both APs are setup the same and are on different channels. Same security, SSID ...

jkay18041 by Participant
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