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Reprovision site in dnac for wireless network

Hi Team,

We are managing my wireless network with DNAC having 9800-80 as WLC . It's non fabric deployment.

One of my site already provisioned with one WLC as primary and other WLC as secondary through dnac. Now I want to perform inter change primary and secondary WLC for that site. Please suggest how we can do through DNAC

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Switchover of WLC  It is not supported. You can confirm that on the cisco doc.

"Cisco Wireless Controller High Availability (HA) can be configured through Cisco DNA Center. Currently, both the formation and breaking of wireless controller HA is supported; switchover options are not supported. " 

Hi @Flavio Miranda 

I am not asking about WLC HA switchover. A site when provision through dnac, a step mentioned of manage site where we define which is primary controller and which is secondary. Now I want to change site to select secondary controller earlier as primary and vice versa.

Please suggest how we can achieve 

Sorry I did not get what you want. 

" Now I want to change site to select secondary controller earlier as primary and vice versa."

  Select secondary by what or by who?  If you are talking about the Access Points, and the WLC is in HA mode, the only way to join them in the Secondary WLC is by doing switchover

 Can you try to explain what you are trying to accomplish? 

Hi @Flavio Miranda ,

Sorry for confusion . I am saying we have two controller one is primary and other secondary. Now a site already provisioned in DNAC and during provisioning in managed state it select one controller as primary and other controller as secondary . Now, if we need to interchange controller for same site , how we can do ?

@Flavio Miranda I believe he's talking about N+1 not SSO HA.
So it's how to swap the AP pri/sec HA settings?
Easy to do from CLI but I don't use DNAC so wouldn't know how to do it in DNAC.

Hi @Rich R ,


Yes ultimate goal is to interchange primary and secondary WLC details from AP. But we want to achieve it through dnac to avoid any issue as whole network is managed through dnac

What you can do is run command from the DNAC in order to switchover the WLC but not automate it using DNAC. 

And yes, what you are trying to do call switchover.

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