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Looking to enable SNMP on AP's that are managed via a 5520 WLC.

Looked all over the management pages and I can see where to manage the WLC with SNMP but nothing on the individual AP's.

I know that I can remote intot the AP's and configure it there, but that will not survive a reboot.

this should be available somewhere.

Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Master

No feature on the access points. SNMP is done via the controller and you can get ap info from various mibs.
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Search the forum also. I know this has been discussed many times and you may find carious ways others have done their monitoring.
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if I understand correctly you looking to monitor each AP - But unfortunately there is no option directly poll against AP, since the AP managed by WLC, so you should have the ability to get the information what you looking from WLC 


is this something that works for you?


As per individual AP reboot concern (you can use WLC command level to reboot the AP)

But i use most of the Time Prime to reboot the AP.




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Monitoring and Discovering the AP’s is my main concern.  I use Netformx to create topology maps for my customers, and since there is no SNMP RO strings, I can not discover them and place them on the map.  This then feeds into being ablke to easily report on devices that. Have reached End of Sale/End of Support using Cisco’s tools.  I also use SNMP to get performance information using another package which helps to report on performance hot spots within the network.  Being able to have a RO string palced on the AP’s would be a great help.

The fact that I can enable snmp through the CLI seems like it should be “simple” to be able to have it as an option within the gui of the WLC.


Reach out to Netformx... other management tools can get the ap info from the controller, so I don’t see why that tool would not. Any changes to lightweight access point via cli is gone once the ap restarts.
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> The fact that I can enable snmp through the CLI seems like it should be “simple” to be able to have it as an option within the gui of the WLC.
That's an unsupported feature which is contrary to the whole purpose of CAPWAP/lightweight APs (central management) - you're lucky you can do it at all - they either forgot to remove it from IOS or left it there for debug/testing purposes but it was never meant for production use. It's not meant for CAPWAP APs so is not saved with CAPWAP config. You need to collect the info from the WLC like everyone else has pointed out and yes this has been discussed a few times before on these forums. I'm fairly sure you won't even be able to configure it at all (?) on the COS APs (802.11ac wave 2 and later) so you're going to need a new strategy to work with the current and future APs anyway.
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