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Throughput shown on Mobility Express Network Summary from Capwap 3702Es with no client associations


I have ME setup with 4x3802s and 2x3702s. On the ME Controller's Network Summary screen for the APs I'm seeing Throughput from the 3702s with no clients associated. When I disable the radios on the 3702s the Throughput drops to zero. The 4x3802s are zero throughput with no clients and radios enabled.

Is this normal if so what is that traffic I'm seeing from the 3702s?


Thanks ... 

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Very interesting and no, no idea why this is the case Sorry.

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Update to this issue.


It's still still occurring on 2 separate ME networks now using ME Haven't tried yet.

Can you share a screenshot? Not using ME here. But what you might see is channel usage by other access points on the same channel. 

Hi, Here are screens shots of the ME's Network Summary > Access points screens for 2.4 & 5ghz bands. As you can see the 2 3702s Parlor and Flex-Room have High throughput counts. Both are in currently unused rooms of the church and rarely pickup clients.

I need to do more discovery like shutting off the radios to see is the throughput stops increasing etc ..

The the physical separation affecting Channel selection for the 2.4ghz is significant so I don't believe that's it's Channel interference on either band.

Your thoughts or suggestions would be welcomed.






With throughput you mean the Usage column?

What is the "Chan....", "Inter..." and "Rogu..." columns written out?

Those columns are shown in the screen shots. See the additional discovery I added.



With columns expanded.  

Thanks, there is a surprising number of interference and rogues on 2.4 GHz. I assume this is in a shared building? If yes, then there is not much you can do against that in 2.4 GHz. Weirdly there are none on 5 GHz. What I suggest though, unless you require the raw throughput on 5 GHz, reduce the channel width to 40 MHz to get a better coverage of the signal, if needed. They will also be way less affected by noise and co-channel interference (although there seems to be none on 5 GHz).

Additional Discovery:

I added a 3702e to my home Mobility Express network then placed in a metal filing cabinet in the basement with radios enabled  After a few minutes Usage Traffic and Throughput began registering for both bands. With 0 clients associated overnight the 2.4 band accumulated  approx 350mb of Usage and the 5ghx approx 285kb. When I disabled the radios the Usage and Throughput stopped on both bands.

Not sure if this is a Capwap issue running under ME since the 3702e can only join as Capwap? My next experiment will be with a ME capable AP but running in Capwap mode to see if the issue is related to the older series of APs that are not ME Controller capable.


Any thoughts or suggestions about this issue?

Very interesting and no, no idea why this is the case Sorry.

Clicked solution by mistake. 

To add to the discovery I separately placed an AP1815w and AP3802E in isolated metal cabinet radios enabled running as Capwap and neither showed Usage or Throughput with 0 clients after overnight test.


Thanks for your responses to this point ...

To be honest, I'd simply ignore it at this point. Alternatively you could open a TAC, but I think this "issue" wouldn't be worth your time.
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