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WCS Client Reports not Consistent

Level 1
Level 1

I am trying to determine how many 802.11b clients I have on my network so I can deside whether to turn off the protocol.  When I run the Client Summary report I get 26 for Number of Users.  However, when I run the Client Count:Daily Stats I only get 14 802.11b clients.  I am including all controllers in each of the reports.  I would expect these two reports to report the same numbers.

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Surendra BG
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Client Count report will provide us the Active Clients on your network.. Where in the Summary will provide the total clients in that time slot.



Surendra BG

Thank you for your response.

If the reporting period is the same, for instance Last Hour, shouldn't the numbers be the same?

What version of WCS are you running?

What version of WLC code and controller do you have?

The WCS reads the number every 15 minutes and calculates the difference by comparing it to the prior polling period.

Version of WCS is

Version of Controllers is

Go to WCS --> Configure --> Controllers ---> and verify that all the controllers are synced to identical. If there is a mis-match, please refresh the config from the controller using the "Select Command" and "Refresh Config from Controller" after selecting all the ip address/name of controllers. And rerun the reports afterwards.

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