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WDS Questions

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Hello Wireless Experts

Im in a bind. I need WDS to realy use the full functionality of my WLSE. I CANT afford the wlsm, and need to support more than 60 AP's on a single subnet. I merely need WDS for the Radio Management portion, and have no plans for fast Secure Roaming. Is there anyway to minimize the WDS traffic and maby squeese like 95 AP's on a dedicated WDS AP. Also, In the SWAN FaQ, Cisco States that an Access Point, a WLSM Enabled Switch, or Cisco Router can perfrom the WDS service. I have seen the AP and Switch solution, but never heard anything about a router performing WDS. Am I mistaken to think that a router can serve as a WDS server?

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I saw in one of these forums that if you disable the radio on the WDS AP, the WDS AP can support around 100 AP's. I am not sure if that is correct, but I found it using the search option above. I will probably find out soon as I am in the same boat as you are. I have around 95 AP's I would like to use with WDS.

Also they said you could only have one WDS AP on the subnet....

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Hey guys,

The correct number of WDS clients supported by an access point are 30 with the radio enabled and 60 with the radio disabled. However, a switch configured with a WLSM module can support 300.

Check out this link for more information.


David Beaver

Internetwork Engineering

I know that Cisco TAC will only support 60 AP's on a dedicated WDS Access Ponit with Radio Interfaces Disabled. I can not afford to purchase the Module for my 6509. I need to be able to get 100 Ap's on one dedicated WDS. I just need to know if there are any special configurations that will limit the memory and bandwith requirements on the WDS and allow me to squeeze 100 APs on it.

I recall reading somewhere that the limit is a guideline based on the fact that any given AP will have 5 authenticated users. If you are expecting less than that per AP then you should be able to go over the limit. I'm about to conf 120 using a 1200 with the radios disabled. I'll let you know how it goes next week.

I spoke to a Cisco reseller who told me that the AP will officially support 60 with radios disabled, the module for the cat will support 300 and that a router version is coming 3rd quarter this year.

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