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WLC9800 flexconnect can't access management web

Wei Ting Lin
Level 1
Level 1

I am under flexcennect and cannot log in to the management page when using wifi.

I confirm that Management Via Wireless is checked.



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AFAIK The "Management Via Wireless" setting concerns the traffic that is forwarded from the Access point over a CAPWAP tunnel to the controller

when using Flexconnect, the Access-point drops the packets onto the configured (V)LAN on the switchport
from there the controller sees no difference ?

=> as long vlan and routing configuration is ok and no ACL's block the traffic you should be able to access the management page.
 same as a wired connection from the same vlan

Haydn Andrews
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

From a wired connection in the same VLAN that the flexconnect user is in can you access the WLC?

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I can not ping WLC9800 IP and access web management, But I can ping the AP IP in the same network segment.

I have done tests on almost the same network segment, using different settings of local and flexconnect. In local mode, I can access the management page.

This is what makes me feel weird......

this matches my statement that over a capwap tunnel (local mode) the setting "management over wireless" is used
=> connect a PC wired on the same vlan, and test connectivity to the WLC, I expect this to fail too
if it does fail, than you need to troubleshoot from there

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